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From: Rod Beckwith

Dear Friend,

Every day it seems like there's a new "latest and greatest" traffic tactic promising you the moon.  But, more often than not, they're far from revolutionary.  Many are even dangerous and can get you banned from the Search Engines.

This then leaves your time sucked dry with little or nothing to show for your effort.

This is why before you even think about using a new traffic system, there's a proven time-tested traffic solution you should know about first.  It easily generates thousands of ready-to-buy prospects for any sites you want for FREE... and starting in mere hours from now (even minutes with the right shortcuts).

Many marketers already use it.  Yet, only an elite few are getting the results they deserve.

What are we talking about?  It's proven, tried and true.  It allows you to...

Easily Establish Yourself As An Industry Leader, Generate Massive Opt-In Lists, and Convert More Visitors Into Buyers, All On Autopilot.

Just consider the following:

  • The Death of Internet Marketing by Mike Filsaime

  • The Rebirth of Internet Marketing by John Reese

  • An Obvious Truth by Armand Morin

  • The Death of The Salesletter by Michel Fortin

  • Attention Age Doctrine by Rich Schefren

What Do All Of These Top Marketers Have In Common?

They've all used this surefire technique... free report marketing.  It has allowed them to absolutely dominate the Internet marketing niche.

Each of these reports generated tens of thousands of FREE opt-ins to their email lists.

Alone, The Death of Internet Marketing did over 25,000 new subscribers in a week!

Just imagine the gobs of profit these marketers make.

But, It's Far From Just The "Gurus" That Are
Raking It In With Free Reports....

One of my colleagues, a virtually unknown, went from 0 to over 50,000 quality opt-ins by giving away a free report about Google AdSense.  He sold ZERO products of his own.

Other 'Under-the-radar' 10-15 page reports (anybody can throw together) personally generate me thousands of dollars a month in direct-profits.

Here's A Snapshot of Profit Directly From Reports:


That's $2,390.84 in April. In the past 4 days alone, you can see I've made $602.08 selling other people's products.

These numbers don't include sales that reports generate for my own products -- which is thousands of dollars more.  Nor, the long-term pay-off from those who've joined my email list.

What's more,...

 It's NOT Just In The Internet Marketing Arena Where Folks Are Gaining Amazing Results. 

Across a wide variety of niches around the Internet, folks are using free reports to generate easy profits.... even without their own products.

You just head over to, pick a product, and promote it in your report to get paid generous referral commissions. The product owner handles all of the work and you rake-in the profits on autopilot as your reports spread.

Are you starting to see the exciting potential of this incredible opportunity?

You get easy passive profits.

In fact, in one of my membership sites called "Butterfly Reports," where we create, manage and distribute free reports, owners are getting up to thousands of downloads for their reports from just this site alone.

They just list their reports, hundreds or thousands download it.  It takes on a life of its own.  And this is just 1 of many "Starting points" to distribute your reports.

Imagine if you posted your reports to dozens or hundreds of sites!

Plus, Free Reports Even Help Get You
Top Rankings In Google:


This ranking has led to over 563 people viewing it on just 1 site it's distributed on:


You can see countless other free reports have had hundreds of views as well.

The bottom-line is... 

Free Reports Crush Other Traffic Generating
Methods For 3 Key Reasons:

 They're Quick and Easy To Throw Together.  Your report may only be 10 pages long.  Plus, you don't even have to write a single word.  There's loads of quality free content you can legally take and claim as your own.

They're FREE to Create and Distribute. Unlike other traffic generation techniques that cost a fortune, you always turn a profit with free reports.  This makes them a reliable way anybody can use to get started profiting online.

And They Spread Virally Around The Web To Grow Your Traffic Exponentially!  Unlike other content that spreads slowly from person-to-person.  Reports can easily reach hundreds or thousands of people with just one "infection" of the right distributor.

Simply put,...

If You Have A Few Hours To Spare, You Get An Always-Growing Source of FREE Targeted Traffic.

Just pop-out a new report, get it in the right hands, and watch as your one-time effort takes on a life of its own (it's all easy when you know how).

No other traffic generation technique comes close to its simplicity, speed, massive results, and FREE cost.

In other words, if you want to make more money online, free reports should be a top priority.

Every product you promote (whether your own or somebody else's) should have one.

Stop!  Click Play To Watch FREE Video
On Free Report Marketing...

Of course, they're not perfect. 

There's A Reason Why Most Free Reports Fail. 

Realize, constructing winning reports is quick and easy.  But, only if you know the right way to do it. 

Most free reports fail to take-off because they lack the key ingredients needed to "infect" readers so they buy and then pass it on.

But, just consider:  What would happen to your online success if you knew the exact secrets that the top few percent of elite marketers use to profit from free reports?

The result is you dominate any market you want, generate a flood of new sales, and catapult your status into a respected authority.

And guess what?  If all this sounds like a fantasy, you'll be thrilled to know we've put together a complete solution to make it a reality.  It reveals...

Step-By-Step How To Create Deadly Effective Free Reports That Get Read and Spread To Fill Your Bank Account With More Cash!

The system is called, "Free Reports Riches."  Free Reports Riches is an in-depth step-by-step downloadable guide.   Inside you are shown exactly how to craft winning reports with advanced secrets most marketers will never know to profit.

The system was developed by me, Rod Beckwith.   I am known as a leading authority on word-of-mouth "Viral Marketing" on the web.

I have been online since the earliest days of the web ("Pre-Web 1.0") and have seen first hand the power of the Internet to spread ideas at lightning speed as one of the first employees of the original web browser Mosaic (later known as Netscape).

Today, I have dozens successful e-books and software products and use free reports as a key traffic generation tactic.

Inside Free Reports Riches, you discover the exact secrets I and elite marketers use (and anybody can duplicate) to generate huge opt-in lists and thousands of dollars in sales for your own and other people's products.

"Hey Rod,

Just a quick word about free reports... I've used these tactics in the past and they have never failed to generate free traffic and sales as well as recognition and authority in the marketplace.

The beautiful thing is how much more mileage I could have been getting... I highly recommend this for anybody looking to gain more traffic, higher rankings and expert status in their industry."

Alex Goad

"As someone who has been around the Internet for the past 10 years, I have experienced the power of using free reports as lead generators.

Free Reports Riches takes the process of creating reports and makes it simple to understand, but more importantly, shows you what key ingredients are needed to really make your report explode!

Using Free Reports Riches as a guide, I rewrote 2 of my free reports that I have been giving away for a few years and I have seen quite an increase in downloads, and judging from the results in my Clickbank accounts, a HUGE increase in clicks inside the reports!

All I can say to anyone - if you have never put together a free report, you need to start doing it now. And Free Reports Riches will make sure you do it right!"

Michael Ambrosio

Here's The Full Range of Secrets You Discover Inside:

 How free reports set your traffic generation on autopilot so you rake-in a fortune in passive income (A few hour one-time effort pays off for years to come!)

 Keys to grow your targeted traffic exponentially and for FREE using free reports.

  How to step-by-step profit from your reports without already having your own product and service.  

  Why free reports establish you as a market leader to more easily secure joint venture partners and send your sales soaring.

  How to make your reports sell so your sales conversion rates skyrocket with pre-sold, ready-to-buy prospects pouring into any site you choose.

 An often overlooked way to get your reports written for FREE using tactics to "steal" existing content legally and ethically.

 What must happen before your report lifts-off and takes on a "Life of its own" (Most die before ever reaching this point).

 Why reports are elite marketer's secret weapon to instantly catapult them to another level in any market they choose (and how you, even if you're a complete beginner, can do the same).

Why you should avoid the common deadly mistake of trying to entertain with your reports and the vital ingredients you must use instead if you want to make any money.

  How to zero-in on the right profit-producing topic in less than an hour by looking at only a few free resources (This info means the difference between a bomb or a wild success).

 Secret to using to instantly uncover exactly what your readers want you to include in your reports.

  7 vital strategies to get your reports to "stick" like glue to your readers and then spread like crazy around the web (without these, your report is doomed to sink away into an unknown abyss).

  Formatting secrets to drive-up readership numbers and give your reports a professional look.

 Why you must let your readers know about a "Magic pill" if you want to stuff your email inbox full of order notifications.

  7 electrifying stories you must incorporate into your report to grab attention and keep readers listening to your every word, until they're finally ready to buy.

 How to transform your reports into cash-pumping machines.  Remember, countless reports get spread and read, but still fail to make one cent of profit.

Winning title formulas to get your reports downloaded and read (this alone skyrockets your response!)

Step-by-step, how to craft your reports to grab your readers attention, hold it through-out the entire report, and generate sales (most marketers do it all wrong, equaling a tiny fraction of the sales they could easily have).

Shortcut secrets to create unique reports in a tiny fraction of the time you would normally spend (kick-out quality reports in mere hours).

How to go about creating your reports through interviewing experts (it's easy to get others on board with the secrets you discover inside).

 Distribution secrets to get your report read with minimal time and effort so you can start seeing results in as little as hours from now.

 Plus much, much more.

"I've personally used free reports countless times to build email lists at warp speed. Why? Because it works like gangbusters!

They are also an excellent tool for viral marketing and traffic generation.  If you aren't using free reports to get more traffic, leads and sales, you are missing out big-time!"

Jeff Alderson

"There are two types of free reports.  Those that get ignored... and those that get read and spread to fill your bank account with more cash.

If you want an exact step-by-step in-depth roadmap to getting killer reports that dominate your market in record time, then Free Reports Riches is a 'Must have.'

It reveals how anybody can create killer reports that spread across the web on autopilot, generating a flood of laser-targeted traffic.

If you have a product or service of any kind and you're not killing it with free report marketing, then do yourself a favor and grab your copy now!"

Hans Klein
Copywriter & Internet Marketing Consultant

"A truly fantastic product, and a real eye opener. I hadn't used free reports that much before I read this guide, but I'm now using them and am very happy with the results thus far. Brilliant stuff Rod. And thanks again."

Trey Newkerk


You Finally Have A Free, Quick, and Easy Traffic Solution You Can Use On-Demand To Generate New Sales.

You don't have to waste your time trying to figure-out the how, when, and why of the latest and greatest hyped-up traffic secret.

But, you discover the secrets to profiting from a proven time-tested traffic generation technique.  One that's been around since the earliest days of the Internet.

Just imagine what it's like to have your own "army" of reports floating around the web.  Each one bringing-in ready-to-buy traffic to you on autopilot.  

Your one-time efforts pay long into the future!  Simply put, it doesn't get any better than this.  But, I'm not done yet.  To sweeten the pot even more...

You Receive 2 Special Free Bonuses To Get You Profiting In The Quickest, Easiest, and Shortest Time Possible.

 Bonus # 1 - "Instant Reports Roadmap" -- Discover A Secret Formula To Spit-Out Killer Reports In As Little As 1-2 Hours!

From editing to research, and writing your pages, it can all be done at lightning fast speed IF you use the shortcuts revealed inside.

Alone one report can make you a lot of extra money.  But, just imagine what you can do if you kick-out 12 money-making reports in a single week!

Best of all, you don't have to sacrifice quality.  You discover step-by-step shortcuts to make popping-out reports a breeze.

Considering how much money this formula makes you, we could easily have charged $27.00 for this power-packed report alone.  However, you get it 100% FREE.

 Bonus # 2 - 12-Part Video Overview Series of Free Reports Riches -- Quickly Watch Exactly How To Create Winning Reports That Spread and Generate Profits On Your Computer Screen.

To maximize your results, nothing is left to the imagination. Every detail from picking profitable affiliate programs to getting your reports promoted... and picking-up royalty-free images for a professional look is covered.

Resources and important concepts are brought to life for surefire success.  Just hit play to immediately absorb the Free Reports Riches system.  You can re-watch any part with the click of a button.

Normally, this video series could easily be sold for an extra $97.00.   But, by acting now, it's your gift free.

With this said,....

You May Be Wondering How Much Your Investment Is.

If this is the case, you will be happy to know that Free Reports Riches is more than affordable. It's not $197,$147, or even $97 like you might expect and we could easily charge.  But it's an investment anybody can afford at only $67.  

This is mere pocket change compared to the revenue you generate (it only takes a handful of sales to easily see a profit)... and how much you would otherwise pay to generate traffic on techniques far more time consuming and less effective.

The results you get from just 1 free report easily exceeds spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on Google AdWords and other paid advertising.

However, the difference is your traffic is 100% free and flows-in on autopilot.   Just release, relax, and profit.  

In addition, you should also know that you can only gain by investing in your system. This is because...

Your Investment Is 100% Risk-Free With A 60-Day Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee!

This means if your copy of Free Reports Riches isn't everything you hoped it to be and you don't generate a fortune in free traffic, your investment is promptly returned upon request.  As a result, you risk nothing.  You have a full 60-days to review the guide, bonus report, and videos at your leisure.

All you have to do to start profiting in as little as hours from now is pick-up your copy today.  To instantly download your guide and bonuses, just click on the link below to place your investment....

YES Rod! - I Want To Send A Viral Traffic Firestorm To Any Site I Want Using The Secrets Inside Free Reports Riches!

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  • I Want to Convert More of My Website Visitors Into Customers to Instantly Skyrocket Existing Sales.

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  • Please Let Me Access This Incredibly Low One-Time Investment Of Only $147.00 $97.00 $67 For This Proven and Time-Tested Money Generation System.  I Understand that at this low amount, the investment is likely to go-up at any time.

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See You On The Inside...

To Your Success...

Rod Beckwith

P.S. - Why spend time on traffic techniques that suck your time dry for limited results... when starting in as little as mere hours from now you can send your first free report (crafted for killer response) out into the web to get the quickest, easiest, and most effortless FREE targeted traffic you've ever received? Simply put, investing in your copy of Free Reports Riches is a surefire no-brainer choice.  Remember, you're backed-up by a 60-day 100% risk-free money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.  Grab your copy now and start profiting today.

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